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About Cedarhill

Cedarhill is a advertising and public relations agency that celebrates truth. We do this partly because of Sunday school and partly because consumers recognize and respond to sincerity.

Cedarhill uses strategy and experience to develop simple, earnest messaging that moves your audience along a path that begins at awareness and ends at loyalty.

  • Branding

    Branding is so much more than a logo – it is the foundation of a strong marketing program. A well-developed brand increases recognition and loyalty among your consumers and helps them understand what your business or product is all about.

  • Strategy

    There are many businesses competing for your consumers. Cutting through the noise and capturing their attention is no easy task. Strategic planning helps you allocate your resources in the right places to have the greatest impact on your consumers.

  • Design

    Powerful design helps your brand to efficiently and effectively reach consumers. Effective design is more than a logo or a website, it is a system that allows consumers to recognize and respond to your message.

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