information is powerful, manipulation is not.
ballyhoo m+m wants to build your brand the right way.

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About Ballyhoo Message + Media

truthBallyhoo Message + Media is a branding and public relations agency that believes in the art of truth. We believe this partly because of Sunday school and partly because consumers recognize and respond to sincerity. Ballyhoo M+M uses strategy and experience to develop simple, earnest messaging that moves your audience along a path that begins at awareness and ends at loyalty.


Every consumer contact with your business is a tremendous opportunity. Through our ENCOUNTER process we inventory and assess your business processes and activities to identify all contacts, or touchpoints, and improve them. This level of detail greatly improves the value of your investment.


Who Are We?

Ballyhoo M+M was founded in 2006 by Trent Scott and operates from the magical shire of Finger, Tennessee. BM+M builds brands. The tools we use to do so are many, but include corporate identity development, web design, advertising, social media strategy, and public relations.


Social Media Strategy

Social media is an affordable yet extremely powerful way to communicate with your audience. However, venturing into this new media without a clearly defined strategy can lead to disappointing results and even damage your brand. BM+M can help you define goals and integrate your online assets.